What is reablement care?

What is reablement care? 

Are you or your loved one recovering from an acute injury or illness? Reablement care may help you get back on your feet quicker. Otherwise known as short-term care at home, reablement care provides the necessary support after a recent discharge from a hospital so that a person can continue living safely and comfortably at home. In this blog post, we discuss reablement care in Romford and the many ways it may benefit you or your family. 

Understanding reablement care 

Reablement care is geared towards those recovering from an illness or injury, enabling them to get back on their feet quicker. Reablement care aims to identify a person’s strengths and abilities so that they can focus on the things they can do, rather than dwell on the things they can’t. While in recovery, a person may need extra help with daily activities such as washing, dressing, meal preparation and other household tasks. Reablement care provides this support. It can also provide nursing care, physiotherapy and occupational therapy. With the help of reablement care, a person can enjoy greater wellbeing and recover quicker, without unnecessary hospital admissions and delayed discharges. 

The benefits of reablement care 

Perhaps the main benefit of reablement care is that it allows a person to live in their own space rather than remain in a hospital or temporarily move to a care home. For many people, it’s considered the preferred alternative as it’s more comfortable to heal when surrounded by a familiar environment.

In addition, reablement care focuses on maintaining or re-learning independent life skills rather than specifically treating the medical condition. It empowers a person to do things on their own rather than rely on help from others. Reablement care favours creating independence over dependence, even when a person may be dealing with changing needs and abilities. With the help of reablement care, a person can rebuild their confidence and restore life skills rather than rely on someone to do things ‘to’ or ‘for’ them. 

Who gets reablement care?

As previously mentioned, reablement care is a great choice for those returning from a hospital stay or recovering from a period of illness. However, it’s also the preferred choice for people who are experiencing a decline in their independence or struggling to cope with daily tasks and chores because of deteriorating health. Rather than move into a traditional care home or stay in a hospital for longer, reablement care works to empower independence so that a person can continue enjoying the comforts of home for longer. 

Is reablement care right for me?

As with many of life’s major decisions, the decision to choose reablement care over moving to a care home or remaining in a hospital is very personal. Some people value their personal space and appreciate their established daily routines while others may have no qualms moving into a care home. Our promise to you is that should you prefer reablement care, our professional and committed carers will treat you with dignity, honour your boundaries and respect your wishes – always. 

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