Respite Care at Home

Respite Care at Home

Knowing when to take a break to relax and recharge your batteries is extremely important – especially when others depend on you being at your best. That being said, we understand that family caregivers may be reluctant to place their loved one’s wellbeing in the hands of a stranger while they take time off. This blog post explores the benefits of respite care at home rather than in residential care. We hope that the information provided helps to ease any worry or anxiety you may be experiencing in regards to respite care in Romford

What is respite care?

Respite care allows the primary caregiver to take a much-needed break from their caregiving duties. This helps reduce the risk of burnout and exhaustion which can prevent increased frustration, lower levels of patience and ultimately, reduced quality of care. Respite care can be provided in the comfort of a person’s own home by a professional carer or in a residential care home. It can be arranged on a short-term or long-term basis, depending on your family’s needs. For example, some people may require respite care for an afternoon while others may require it for weeks at a time. 

A familiar environment 

Perhaps one of the main benefits of receiving respite care in the familiarity of home is that there’s no need to uproot your loved one’s life, especially on just a short-term basis. Rather than temporarily move into a care home, respite care allows your loved one to stay in the place they feel most comfortable, maintain their regular routines and continue to enjoy the comforts of their home. This is particularly beneficial for those who are living with dementia where a change in environment can be incredibly overwhelming. By offering respite care at home, your loved one can stay close to pets, memories, friends and all that they hold dear. 

A way to maintain independence 

Our goal is to empower and enable your loved one to remain at home for as long as possible while still receiving the support they deserve. We do this by providing high-quality care that suits their desires and needs. That means that they stay in control. 

A cost-effective alternative

It may surprise you to know that home care is a cost-effective alternative to a care home. This is because you only pay for the carer, and not room or board. On average, you can expect home care in the UK to cost around £25 per hour.  

A personalised approach

Finally, home care provides a level of personalisation that residential care simply can’t compete with. With home care being provided on a one-to-one basis, everything is completely tailored to you or your loved one’s needs, wishes and desires. We will work around your schedule so that you can maintain the routines you know and love. Our services are flexible which means you get to decide when we visit and how often. A personal touch can truly make all the difference in the world. 

Get in touch 
If you or your loved one would like to know more about respite care or would like to arrange our respite care services, we would be happy to assist you. Please feel free to get in touch or call us on 0800 999 3447.