What is a care plan?

When it comes to receiving care, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Every person is unique with their own needs, values, desires and preferences. It’s important that you receive care that’s personalised to you so that you are able to thrive – that’s why having a care plan is so essential. 

In this blog post, we discuss the importance of a care plan and how it is used to provide the best home care in Romford, Clacton on Sea, and surrounding areas possible. 

Understanding your care plan 

Following your initial care needs assessment, you will be provided with a care plan. This is a document that specifies your unique needs and outlines who will provide your care, what type of support you need and how the support will be given. People living with dementia should have an Advanced Care Plan in place. 

During the creation of your care plan, you and any other relevant individuals should be involved in the conversation. This is to ensure your values, preferences and desires are taken into account. We believe it’s important that individuals requiring care remain in control of their life. That’s why we will always respect your choices and treat you with the dignity you deserve. 

What does a care plan include?

As we mentioned, you will be involved in the planning and creation of your care plan so that your wishes and desires are taken into account. While each person’s care plan will be unique to them, every care plan should include the following: 

  • what your assessed care needs are
  • the type of support you should receive
  • your desired outcomes and what you want to achieve 
  • who should provide care
  • when care and support should be provided
  • how to reduce or minimise an increase in your care needs
  • records of care provided
  • your wishes and personal preferences
  • the costs of the services and your personal budget 

You will receive a copy of your care plan, as well as information on who to contact with any questions or concerns.

The importance of a care plan

A care plan is an important document because it ensures you consistently receive the right level of care on a long-term basis. It also ensures that the care provided is in line with your wishes and preferences, which is especially important if your regular carer is unavailable. It also provides information to support understanding of your personal requirements by care workers, family members and any other relevant healthcare professionals. 

Knowing and understanding your condition and the type of support you need will enable you to have more control of your life and how you can move forward as independently as possible. In addition, it gives family and other loved ones better insight into your wishes and how they can provide the best support possible. 

Can my care plan be changed? 

Absolutely! The beauty of care plans is that they are flexible. This means that they are regularly reviewed and can be adjusted accordingly when or if your care needs change. This ensures you always receive the right level of care that meets your needs and preferences. 

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