How is homecare funded?

Home care is personalised and practical support provided in the comfort of a person’s home. It’s designed to empower an individual to retain their independence and enjoy the comforts of home for as long as possible rather than having to relocate to a care home or hospice. 

While the option to stay at home is usually a person’s first choice, concerns about cost may be off-putting to some. However, it might surprise you to know that homecare is often a more cost-effective alternative to residential care.

Read on to learn more about home care in Romford, Clacton on Sea, and surrounding areas, the costs associated with it and the financial support that may be available to you. 

How much does home care cost? 

When considering home care, it’s important to consider the fees and costs involved. The amount you pay can depend on a variety of factors including:

  • where you live
  • the type of care needed, e.g. specialist care may cost more
  • your income, savings and whether you are eligible for financial support. 

While the cost of home care may vary across the country, the average cost of a professional carer is between £20 to £30 per hour. Bear in mind that these costs may increase at weekends or on bank holidays. 

Support from your local council 

You or your loved one may be eligible for local council support. To determine whether or not you are eligible, your local council will carry out a needs assessment. This may sometimes be referred to as a means test. A means test takes into account your income and savings. Unless you are going into residential care, the value of your property will not be included in this assessment. Your income and savings will however affect what you are required to pay.

If your capital is over £23,250, you must pay full fees. This is known as being self-funding.

If your capital is between £14,250 and £23,250, the local council will fund some of your care. You’ll contribute to the rest.

If your capital is less than £14,250, the local council will provide financial support, however you will still contribute from your income. You will not be required to pay a tariff income. 

Am I eligible for financial funding?

You may also be eligible for additional benefits. The benefits listed below are not means-tested, meaning that they do not take into your account your income and savings: 

  1. Attendance Allowance – This is available if you need assistance to live independently at home due to an illness or disability and are over State Pension age.
  2. Personal Independence Payment – This is available to those who  are under State Pension age yet require assistance with daily activities or getting around due to a long-term illness or disability.
  3. Carer’s Allowance – This is a monetary supplement of £67.70 a week to people who spend at least 35 hours per week providing regular care to someone. 

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