The Truth About Home Care

The Truth About Home Care

Home care is personalised care that is provided in the comfort of a person’s home. It empowers them to stay as independent as possible, rather than moving into a care home to receive the extra support they need to live well. Despite home care’s increasing popularity, many people still have misconceptions about how it works.

In this post, we’ll provide information on home care in Romford so that you have the accurate information you need when deciding whether home care is the right choice for you and your family. 

How does home care work?

Our highly-trained carers work around your lifestyle and routine to provide support while respecting your needs and wishes at all times. Our goal is to empower you and enable you to maintain your independence and remain at home for as long as possible. It’s a flexible service that’s fully tailored to your unique needs and can be provided on both a short-term or long-term basis. 

Who is home care for?

Some people believe that home care is only intended for people who are unwell. While end-of-life care at home can certainly be beneficial for those with life-limiting illnesses, not all home care recipients are sick. For example, many people choose to benefit from home care when they are recovering from an illness or injury and need an extra hand around the house or with completing personal tasks such as washing and dressing.

People who live alone or who struggle with mobility issues may also enjoy the companionship that home care provides. Your home carer can also help with a variety of non-medical tasks, including shopping, cooking, cleaning and transport. 

How much does home care cost?

A common misconception is that home care is incredibly expensive. It therefore might surprise you to know that home care is often a cost effective alternative to a care home. In general, you can expect to pay around £22.50 per hour for a professional carer, although these fees may vary across the country. Fees may also increase at weekends or on bank holidays. Thanks to the flexible nature of home care, it’s possible to design an affordable care package based on a person’s needs as opposed to the flat-rate fee of a care home. 

Can I trust my carer?

Many people may be anxious about allowing a stranger into their home. They may worry that their carer is untrustworthy or that the relationship won’t be comfortable. While these are valid concerns, we want to assure you that we do our very best to match each carer and recipient based on shared interests. In addition, we only employ the highest calibre of employee, ensuring that they have the right skills and experience to truly make a positive difference. All employees are fully referenced and credit checked, as well as fully-trained. With our compassionate carers, you can rest assured you’re in safe and qualified hands.  

What if my family already cares for me? 

If you’re lucky enough to have a family caregiver, home care may still be a valuable support to you. After all, family caregivers need a break to recharge their batteries too. Our respite care services provide temporary care so that you can continue receiving the quality care you deserve even when your primary caregiver can’t be there.

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