Reducing hazards around the home

As we get older, our safety can be compromised in the home in a variety of different ways. Stairs and rugs can suddenly become tripping hazards. Dealing with plugs and other electrical devices can suddenly become dangerous. A high bed may suddenly become difficult to get in and out of. Despite these changes, we understand that many people prefer to live in the comfort and familiarity of home for as long as possible, rather than moving into residential care. 

We provide homecare in Romford and Clacton on Sea and surrounding areas to enable you to retain your independence and continue to live at home without compromising your safety and wellbeing. Read on to learn how support from home care can help you feel more secure at home. 

Common risks of living at home 

A home is a place where you should feel safe and secure, no matter your age or physical abilities. Unfortunately, as we age, mobility issues and medical concerns can make living at home difficult or even dangerous. For example, trips and falls may become more common occurrences. These can result from loose carpeting, slippery floors, unnecessary rugs, poor lighting, excess clutter or uneven flooring. Struggling to hear as well as you used to can make it challenging to be aware of alarms and timers when cooking. Poor eyesight can also make it difficult to navigate the use of kitchen utensils with ease. Even the wrong-sized bed can make bedtime routines challenging. All of these examples can compromise safety in the home. 

Making the home safe again

The good news is that it’s possible to improve the safety of the home environment, making it as hazard-free as possible so that you feel safe and secure once more. To get started, do a tour of every room, noting down any current or potential hazards. Are light switches easily accessible or are electric and cable cords running everywhere? Are pathways clear or cluttered? Are floor rugs secure? These are some important questions to consider. 

It’s also important to consider kitchenware and the functionality of older appliances. When moving around the home, can handrails be added to improve mobility and provide additional support? Does the height of the bed need to be adjusted? Even changing flooring to slip-resistant wood or tile with more traction, can play a huge part in improving home safety. 

The benefits of home care 

In addition to making changes around the house to improve safety, the support from a dedicated carer can help your or your loved one feel more secure at home. Not only can they flag potential hazards immediately, but having someone pop around can provide peace of mind to the whole family. Our experienced carers can help with a variety of household tasks such as cooking, cleaning and ironing. They can also assist with personal care such as washing and toileting. This can greatly contribute to increased safety in the home, enabling you or a loved one to enjoy the pleasures of home for as long as possible. 

Get in touch

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