Keep your loved one warm this winter

Brrr! With the winter season comes colder temperatures and harsher weather conditions. Shorter days and darker nights, combined with rising energy costs, can make it challenging to stay warm and cosy during the winter. Older people in particular are more vulnerable to the cold as they tend to be less physically active. This can affect them in several ways such as contributing to poor blood circulation and a decrease in their metabolic rate. 

In this post, we share some tips on keeping your loved one warm this winter and how home care in Romford, Clacton on Sea, and surrounding areas can help. 

Signs of cold sensitivity 

When the weather significantly changes, our bodies have to reacclimatise. However, this might not be as easy for older people who may be more affected by poor blood circulation, experience side effects from certain medications and be more susceptible to medical conditions like high cholesterol or thyroid disease. In addition, ageing bodies are not capable of generating enough heat to keep the body’s normal temperature of  36-37 degrees. Reduced temperature can lead to a decrease in their metabolic rate. 

If you are worried that your loved one may not be dealing well with the cold, some signs of cold sensitivity beyond shivering to look out for include:

  • drowsiness
  • a slower breathing rate
  • skin that turns pale
  • undue fatigue
  • confusion
  • loss of coordination
  • memory loss.

Keeping warm and well at home 

In addition to turning on the heater, make sure the house is well-insulated to keep the heat in and save on bills – start by draft-proofing doors and windows. You can also consider layering floors with rugs and using thermal-lined curtains to keep the cold out more effectively. 

Dressing in layers is another great way to keep warm and well during the winter. We recommend starting with basic thermals such as a vest. You can also layer up in bed with electric or weighted blankets, throws or bed sheets. 

Furniture such as sofas or beds obstructing radiators can significantly impact the temperature in the room. Consider rearranging your living space so that the room is open and easier to heat. 

Care, company and cheer with homecare

Our reliable and compassionate carers are here to provide care, company and cheer. We can help keep your loved one warm by preparing healthy meals, such as hearty soups, with enough nutrients to help them maintain a healthy immune system. We’ll also be sure they stay hydrated throughout the day with warm beverages like tea, coffee or hot chocolate. 

Another key way to keep warm is by moving around rather than sitting still all day. We’ll encourage your loved one to move throughout the day so that they stay fit and healthy. 

In addition, for many people, shorter days and darker nights can cause a downward spiral in mood and mental health. Consistent company and a friendly face to talk to can help keep loneliness and depression at bay. We’re also happy to ensure the house is tidy and cheerful which can help uplift one’s mood. 

Get in touch 

If you or a loved one could benefit from our home care services to help around the home or enjoy some company, we are here for you. Simply get in touch or give us a call on 0800 999 3447 and one of our friendly staff members would be happy to provide more information or answer any of your questions.