Emergency Respite Care

Life doesn’t always go according to plan. Unfortunately, unexpected illnesses or sudden falls can occur – and you may not be able to provide your loved one with the support and care they require. That’s where we come in. With our emergency respite care in Romford, we can ensure your loved one receives the urgent support they need as they or the primary caregiver recovers. Read on to learn more about our emergency respite care services.

What is emergency respite care?

Accidents happen. Perhaps your loved one has recently experienced a fall and is having difficulty running errands or completing domestic duties around the house. Perhaps they’re recovering from an injury or returning home after a long hospital stay and could benefit from extra assistance and consistent companionship. Or perhaps you, the primary caregiver, have suddenly fallen ill and need time to recover before you can continue to provide your loved one with the quality care they deserve.

Our emergency respite care service can be arranged either on a short or long-term basis. It all depends on your family’s needs. Rather than your loved one having to temporarily move into a residential care home, our experienced carers come to you. This means that your loved one can receive the care they need while remaining in the place they feel most safe and comfortable – their home.

How can respite care help?

When unexpected life events occur, we understand that it can be a stressful and overwhelming time for family. We also understand that it isn’t always possible for family members to provide support so that your loved one can live well. This can lead to negative feelings of worry and anxiety. But when you can’t be there, we can.

Our professional carers can assist with a variety of tasks. These include but are not limited to picking up prescriptions, preparing nutritious meals, helping with personal tasks such as washing and dressing, managing medication and providing supervision and companionship.

The beauty of respite care is that it’s completely tailored to your loved one’s needs, preferences and lifestyle. We’ll work around your loved one’s routine because we understand the importance of a personal touch and a flexible schedule.

Peace of mind – here for you whenever you need us

We design our emergency respite care service to deal with life’s unexpected challenges. Whether you simply need us for an afternoon or weeks at a time, we’ll look after your loved one as if they were our own family.

We’re committed to providing compassionate and high-quality care that eases the strain for all involved, especially during an already stressful time. With our qualified carers and quick responses to queries, we aim to provide you and your family with peace of mind. You can rest assured that with our emergency respite care service, your loved one is in qualified hands and being well looked after, always.

Get in touch 

If your loved one needs of emergency respite care, please get in touch or call us on 0800 999 3447 as soon as possible so that help can be arranged. Your loved one’s health and wellbeing are extremely important to us and we are here to support your family in whatever way we can.