Caring for people who are bedbound

Becoming bedridden is a significant life change that brings new challenges to everyday living. A bed-bound person is someone who is no longer able to move easily, either because they have become weaker or have sustained an injury. Being confined to a bed can not only take a toll on the bed-bound person, but also on their family and friends. 

We provide homecare in Romford, Clacton on Sea and surrounding areas  to provide both physical and emotional support for people who are bedbound and ease the caregiving burden on their family and friends. Read on to learn more about how our homecare services can support your family. 

Caring for a bed-bound person

Caring for a loved one who is bed-bound can be challenging and require no shortage of patience and empathy. Our professional carers are here to support family caregiving, ensuring your loved one has the support they need to be comfortable and live well. We can even provide double-handed care if two people are required to move them. Here are some ways we can support a bed-bound person: 

  1. Preventing bedsores – Bedsores result from sitting or lying in a single position for many hours. To prevent this painful problem, we’ll help your loved one reposition themselves regularly or remind them to do so on their own. 
  1. Promoting good hygiene – We’ll help your loved one maintain their regular hygiene and grooming routine from the comfort of their bed. This can include bathing, oral hygiene, washing, dressing, shaving, haircuts and making sure fingernails and toenails are trimmed. Ensuring that good grooming is maintained can help your loved one maintain their self-esteem. 
  1. Changing bed sheets regularly – Regularly changing the linens can make a huge difference to the life of a bedridden person. Because bed-bound people spend more time in bed than other people, it’s easy for bedding to get soiled from food, dirt, skin particles and other debris. We’ll make sure that bed linen is changed every 2-3 days and is properly laundered. 
  1. Creating a comfortable environment – We want your loved one to feel as comfortable as possible, despite their situation. To do this, we’ll help make sure their room is as pleasant as possible. This may mean letting in plenty of natural light, as well as regularly opening the windows to allow for fresh air. It can also mean making sure it is free of clutter. 
  1. Providing companionship – Being confined to a bed can be lonely and isolating. This can have a significant effect on mental health and emotional wellbeing. We are here to provide your loved one with consistent companionship and help keep their spirits up. 
  1. Ensuring good nutrition – Eating a healthy diet, full of nutrients and calories, can help ensure your loved one remains healthy while encouraging the joy of eating. We’ll help ensure your loved one eats well and stays hydrated throughout the day. 

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